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    11102759_774716879273399_8080399535983463439_n“The International Congress on protection of rights and freedoms citizens “Shield” is an independent international organization. Its membership consists of many professionals: lawyers, journalists, professors, psychologists, medics and experts, specialists in the affairs of the countries of the world, people of various nationalities, who dedicate their work to volunteering and monitoring human rights in various parts of the world.  They support the universal principles of human rights.

    Human rights, freedoms and dignity are the main priorities of the organization. The Organization publishes the message of peace and the renounce of violence, racial and religious discrimination, defends freedom of thought and monitors the expression rights violations.

    The Organization calls up for justice and equality in the legal protection and ask to punish violators of human rights, for building a strong civil society. The organization is also looking to gain the support of world public opinion and the international community, in order to improve the human rights.

    The researchers of organization and its representatives investigate the facts of human rights violations in the world. They mention their results of investigations in the form of books and annual reports. The International Organization “Shield” provides the latest information on global conflicts in times of crisis – such as refugee position in order to create a public opinion and to have response and the international reaction on the wars in the world.

    The organization researches the international justice issues; it is also interested in responsibility for international companies, academic freedoms, prison conditions, the conditions of refugees and displaced persons. As always, it demands to amend the Charter of the United Nations, especially the fifth item and the involvement of other countries in global decisions.

    The organization opposes discrimination, war crimes and crimes against humanity, it initiates and supports the existing non-governmental organizations, and speaks the establishment of an independent non-governmental organizations for the empowerment of civil society.

    It supports and coordinates the initiative of members of civil society. The Organization works in the field of human rights, it defends people whose rights are violated.

    The International Congress on Protection of rights and freedoms citizens “Shield” supports the educational programms in the field of human rights and works in the name of peace and the rights of people to self-determination. It encourages the dialogue and solidarity between people and cultures.

     The organization will defend the human rights, freedoms and dignity of people forever.

    The President of “International Congress on Protection of rights and freedoms citizens “Shield”,

    Professor Saleh Daher Muhamed