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Daher Saleh Muhamed

President and founder of the International Shield Organization to protect the rights and freedom of citizens.
President of the International Diplomatic Union (IDU).
President of the International Union of Journalists and Writers (IUJW).
President of the International Peace Charity Association
Founder and editor-in-chief of Al-Salam newspaper
Founder and President of the International News Agency Voice of the World
Chairman of the Committee on Nationalities and Religions in the General Council of the city of Odessa
Professor of Law, the University of Staff Preparation
Head of the Middle East Center at the Academy of Staff Preparation in Ukraine
Academic and member of the administrative board of the International University for Individuals
Member of the Diplomatic Club in the city of Odessa
Advisers of the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in Ukraine
Adviser on international affairs for the International Organization for Development and Education for Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania, officially accredited by the United Nations
Head of the Legal Department for Anti-Corruption and Bribery
Peace ambassador and representative of the Canadian Peace Organization in Ukraine
Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Odesa region
Member of the International Federation of «International Press» Brussels
Member of the National Union of Journalists Ukraine
Member of the General Union of Palestinian Journalists and Writers, Syria Branch
Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Adviser to the head of the formation of the Public Security Police and the protection of the law
Director of the International Relations Center for the Middle East at the International Academy for Cadre Preparation “Ma’ob” in Odessa
Member of the Advisory Council of the Odessa Region Prosecutor’s Office
Member of the Anti-Corruption and Investigation Monitoring Committees in the Ukrainian Public Prosecution Office
Founder of the Arab Council of Social Organizations in Ukraine
Member of the advisory board of the Ministry of the Interior in the city of Odessa
Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs (colonel) of the Ukrainian Cossacks
Dr. Saleh Daher was the first to call for amending the Charter of the United Nations in 2013, especially the item related to the right of criticism – the veto – where Mr. Banki Moon telegraphed a letter of thanks and gratitude presented by the United Nations in this regard, and he was the first to demand the withdrawal of the Nobel Peace Prize from US President Barack Obama in 2013 2013
Saleh Zaher is considered one of the most important founders of Arab social work in Ukraine.
And one of the most important international figures defending human rights, as he supported the Palestinian cause in all international conferences, the most important of which are the right of return, refugees, prisoners, and Jerusalem. His Holiness Patriarch Filaret Denisenko, Order of Sacrifice and Love for Ukraine
He won the Luca Pacioli International Award.
He won the Ekaterina International Academy of Arts Award and the title of Ambassador of Peace.
He also won dozens of medals, necklaces, and certificates of appreciation from international organizations and bodies.